career day and wellness day alternate every year. both programs provide students with the opportunity to grow outside of their day-to-day curriculum. alumnae are welcome to speak at both events.

wellness day

this day offers our students the opportunity to learn about wellness through the lens of successful, professional speakers who will share their insights in well-delivered messages. our aim is to have an interactive learning experience for our students whereby students and presenters engage in a fun, informative day. we offer interactive sessions in six different areas of wellness listed below:

emotional wellness

  • conflict resolution
  • healthy decisions
  • leadership
  • stress management


intellectual wellness

  • art therapy
  • creativity
  • life coaching
  • mental stimulation
physical health

  • eating disorders
  • exercise/fitness
  • nutrition


spiritual wellness

  • balance
  • harmony
  • journaling
  • meditation
social wellness

  • healthy relationships
  • personal safety
  • respect/civility
  • self-esteem
traditional health

  • adolescent health
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • healthy choices
  • health awareness

career day

this is a full day program that introduces our young women to professionals representing a variety of careers as they begin to make decisions regarding their future.

it is our hope that exposing students to career choices will confirm their interest in a particular career, or introduce them to a previously undiscovered interest.

we seek engaging, interesting, female professionals who talk about a typical day in their profession, the path that led them to their current career and the skills needed to be successful in that particular career. this is an exciting and informative day that leads to a rewarding learning experience for our students.