every parent wants his or her daughter to reach her academic potential and achieve her personal best. regina dominican shares this attitude and offers support services including the newly implemented caritas program.

the goal of the caritas program is to provide an academic support program to meet a student’s needs so that she may acquire the learning strategies, study skills and confidence to become a successful learner and strong self-advocate.

all students, with a focus on students with learning differences (lds), have the opportunity to work with a resource teacher who:

  • helps them strengthen their study skills.
  • offers tutorial support in a daily structured study period.

during this study period, students will gain assistance with organizational skills, executive functioning skills and ways to learn more effectively given their individual learning styles.

caritas services are available to those students who may need accommodations in the classroom or during academic and standardized testing. caritas services are not limited to those students with defined learning challenges and may be sought out by the student or parents through the student services department.

if you have any questions about our students’ services or the caritas program, contact counselor pam cassidy at pcassidy@rdpanthers.org.