campus ministry educates every regina dominican student in areas of faith and spiritual development, and provide opportunities for nourishing her faith by rooting her in a community committed to gospel values.

prayer, service, and reflection are the cornerstones of this ministry. the campus ministry department works to further the dominican mission of the school through faith formation activities, reflections, and discussions and complements the students’ academic formation with spiritual and effective formation programs and experiences, inviting students to live their faith through action.


retreats are opportunities for the students to experience and/or reflect on one or more of the dominican pillars of prayer, study, service, and community, as well as the dominican values of caritas (compassion) and veritas (truth). all students attend a retreat designed specifically for their grade level based on one of these pillars listed below.

freshman year: community

sophomore year: service

junior year: study

senior year: prayer


service, one of the four pillars, is a large part of our dominican spirituality and charism. as an adrian dominican school we follow the footsteps of women and men who, like st. catherine of siena, responded to the gospel by being of service to others. the purpose of service in a catholic school is twofold:

  • .to complete acts of charity for one’s neighbor because we are called to this by god to act as jesus and figures in our dominican heritage
  • .to be transformed by the service through theological reflection on the experience

all students are required to complete service hours every year.  they should be logged on

  • freshmen – 15 hours of service to family and/or school community due by april 20
  • sophomores – 15 hours of service to the school and local community due by april 20
  • juniors – 15 hours of service to the community due by april 20
  • seniors – 15 hours of service to the local and global community due by april 20

dominican preachers

campus ministry is supported by the student leaders in our dominican preachers program. the dominican preachers is a selective group of sophomore, juniors and seniors who lead our community to put faith in action. the dominican preachers play a significant role in leading daily and monthly prayer, service projects, retreats, and other campus ministry events. they attend a weeklong formation retreat in adrian, michigan and are committed to supporting catholic values, serving as campus ministry leaders, and preaching from the pulpit of their lives. learn more about the dominican preachers here.


prayer is one of the foundational pillars of the dominican charism and mission. regina dominican offers opportunities for communal, liturgical, and private prayer throughout the year modeled by faculty and student leadership. holy days and special days in the school calendar are marked by the celebration of an all-school liturgy. each morning the school day begins with a prayer led by a member of the school community over the public address system. on friday mornings, prayer is a gospel reflection written by one of the dominican preachers.

dominican blessing

  • may god the creator bless us,
  • may god the redeemer heal us,
  • may god the holy spirit enlighten us,
  • give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to do the work of god;
  • feet to walk the path of justice, and mouths to preach the good news.
  • and may the angel of peace watch over us and lead us at last to the reign of god. amen

school theme for 2020-21 school year

“radiate the sunshine in your soul”

sunshine gives us joy and happiness, as we remember that there is always the hope of light and warmth. as the sun  radiates light and warmth, we can also share those qualities of joy and happiness to those around us. dominicans have always been known for their joy. st. dominic was known as the joyful preacher, and he gave his joy as a gift to his followers. sunshine also has deep scriptural meaning. the sun has long been a symbol for jesus christ going back to the early church which remembered when jesus declared that he was “the light of the world” in the gospel of john. because of the association between jesus and the sun, one of the symbols of the dominican order are sunflowers. the way that sunflowers follow the sun across the sky is the way that we are all called to live our lives, as we follow god.