regina dominican strategic plan

regina dominican is a college preparatory catholic high school for young women, sponsored by the adrian dominican sisters.

per our mission statement, we foster academic excellence, truth, peace, and justice while challenging each student to develop leadership for life and respect for all races, cultures and faiths.

as our 60th anniversary approached, regina’s board of directors and members of key leadership re-affirmed this mission and, to ensure it was being effectively and successfully achieved, conducted a careful examination of our strategic path.

after all, more than a half-century had passed during which there had literally been decades of historic changes to society, culture, economics, technology, the political climate, the family structure and more. all of these factors influence how a school imparts education and how it prepares a student to forge her own future.

to properly explore and address these many issues, committees were formed: student experience, people development, constituents and finance.

ultimately after much time, research and thoughtful consideration, regina unveiled a renewed strategic plan that focused on achieving key outcomes for both the student and the institution:

student outcomes

confidence &

sense of self

students mature in an environment that supports self-discovery and builds confidence.



we prepare students for admission to and academic achievement in top universities.

institutional outcomes


for life

we are a family grounded in care and authenticity from the first day of class throughout adulthood.

culture of


we have an institutional and personal commitment to support each other in achieving great things in the world.