the regina dominican fine arts program strives to develop an understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of the arts. students are encouraged to explore elective classes in the fields of visual art, music, theater and dance to build a diverse and comprehensive portfolio. to complete the fine arts graduation requirement, a student must pass two semester long fine arts courses or one year long fine arts course.

a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities, including musicals, plays, concerts and clubs, exist to increase the breadth of our students’ exposure to and involvement in the arts.

course offerings in fine arts

students gain proficiency in the basics of drawing, color theory, and design through experience with a wide variety of art media. course instruction includes work with painting and drawing materials, ceramics, and computer graphics, as well as study of major trends in art and artists.

art foundations 1 semester
graphic design 1 semester
drawing and painting i 1 semester
drawing and painting ii 1 semester
3-dimensional design i 1 semester
3-dimensional design ii 1 semester
visual arts teaching assistant 1 semester
Art Class


dance classes are open to all students! dance classes can be taken as a p.e. credit or fine arts credit. students can select from the following course options: dance foundations, modern dance, dance composition, advanced dance and dance leaders (dance foundations must be taken as a prerequisite for all other courses). students have the opportunity to learn many different genres of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, ugandan, hip-hop, improvisation and composition. in addition to technique and choreography, students will also learn about the history of each genre of dance and how dance has evolved over time.

opportunities for students to develop their dance understanding and abilities are also available with regina dominican’s extra-curricular orchesis dance company.

dance foundations 1 semester
jazz dance 1 semester
modern dance 1 semester
dance composition 1 semester
advanced dance 1 semester
dance teaching assistant 1 semester


students develop performance skills and theatrical knowledge through class instruction activities and extra-curricular school plays. coursework includes the study of voice and articulation, stage movement, improvisation, character and scene development, stage terms and theater history. advanced students participate in direction of school productions and class scenes.

tech theater i 1 semester
tech theater ii 1 semester
tech theater iii 1 semester


students expand vocal and instrumental talents through class work and concert performances. performances include winter and spring concerts and the annual benefit production. first-year students enroll in the chamber singers chorus to study voice and basic music theory, and in orchestra to develop instrumental talents. advanced students may qualify for admission into the regina chorale.

music foundations 1 semester
concert choir 1 semester
orchestra 1 year/semester
instrumental music: guitar 1 semester
regina chorale 1 year
ap music theory 1 year
Music Class

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