the english department offers a sequential and structured study of american, british and world literature courses, designed to meet the needs of students on all academic levels, including honors and advanced placement. genre study includes short stories, novels, plays, poetry, mythology and non-fiction with an emphasis on varying cultural and historical influences as well as the particular context. through the study of literature, students evaluate moral and social themes from a wide range of classical and contemporary authors. additional electives in areas such as journalism, newspaper and yearbook production, and creative writing support the department’s goal of fostering an appreciation of language in its various forms of expression.

equally important, the english department provides a sequential four-year writing program, as detailed in our writing curriculum and benchmark documents. writing, rewriting, and conferencing with instructors help students foster clear thinking and logical arguments. students use scholarly research and technology to develop and support their points of view.

in the english classroom, students are challenged to think critically, express ideas effectively, listen attentively and develop a strong individual voice. the stimulating classroom atmosphere that results allows for serious reflection on the power of the english language and communication.

course offerings in english

freshman year

literary genres level i
literary genres level ii
honors literary genres level iii
presentational speaking* level ii
english language communication* level i

sophomore year

american literature level i
american literature level ii
honors american literature level iii
creative writing* elective
english language communication* level i

junior year

british literature level i
british literature level ii
honors british literature level iii
ap english: language and composition level iii
creative writing* elective
etymology* elective
journalism i* elective
yearbook i

standardized test prep: english: reading and writing



english language communication* level i

senior year

world literature level ii
world literature level iii
college writing: research and argumentation level ii
ap english: literature and composition level iii
ap english: language and composition level iii
creative writing* elective
journalism ii (crown) elective
yearbook i elective
yearbook ii elective

* one semester course credit.
for course descriptions and prerequisites, please see the curriculum guide in the main menu.

english faculty

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