the primary goal of the student services department is to personalize the educational experience of each student by systematically providing opportunities for ongoing personal interactions between each student and her counselor.  during a student’s four years at regina dominican, her counselor becomes familiar with her academic needs, abilities, strengths, areas of needed improvement, and career/college ambitions.  through individual and small group counseling, and large group guidance, the student becomes known and valued by her counselor as she reaches her academic/educational, personal/social, and career/college goals.  each counselor observes and encourages each student’s academic progress through careful monitoring of her grades, standardized test scores, progress reports, career interest inventories, student portfolios, and classroom observations.

counselors are interested in educating students from a holistic approach.  monthly large group guidance sessions provide an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge base and personal growth in areas such as study skills, goal-setting, standardized test preparation, self-esteem, healthy decision-making, personal female empowerment, freshmen transitions, the college application process, four-year educational plans, career planning, and health and wellness-related topics.  counselors are available to meet with students and parents at any time for parent-student-counselor conferences and staffings held with a multidisciplinary team to assist students in reaching their academic potential.

given the plethora of stressors encountered by today’s youth, the student services department strives to also assist young women as they navigate their way through the challenges of adolescence.  small group counseling sessions are available to those students interested in addressing issues related to divorce, grief and loss, self-esteem, family concerns, diversity, stress management, and friendship/relationship skills.  the open door policy practiced by the student services department encourages students to seek assistance from their school counselor whenever necessary within the context of a relationship that is warm, nurturing, growth-enhancing, and confidential.



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