each club at regina dominican seeks to enhance the education of students outside of the college prep curriculum. student clubs are overseen by a moderator. any student interested in starting a club should pick up a club application from the dean of students/director of student life.

ambassadors club

student ambassadors are a small group of students dedicated to the positive promotion of regina dominican high school. they will work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the current regina community and prospective students and families. student ambassadors are visible at many campus events held for prospective students and families and work in conjunction with national honor society and student council students when necessary. student ambassadors have the unique opportunity to develop and receive training in communication, public relations, marketing and interpersonal skills.

art club

art club holds monthly, after school meetings, where students explore various mediums to express themselves creatively.  there are no prerequisites for membership except an interest in art and creative projects.  the art club atmosphere is relaxed and collaborative while building a creative community for all students.

campus ministry

campus ministry gathers for prayer, worship, and learning in order that they might bring the light of the gospel to illumine the concerns and hopes of the academic community. all on campus are called, according to their own gifts, to share in this ministry. campus ministry is an integral part of the culture at regina dominican. we engage our students in ongoing catholic faith formation through prayer, worship, class retreats and service opportunities. we provide opportunities to connect and pray with different groups- whole regina community, grade levels and those who want to be involved.  all students are required to be involved in service and outreach. students are invited to serve as eucharistic ministers, lectors, cantors, and altar servers and are trained for these liturgical ministries. students are invited to use their gifts not only for participating in events, but to help plan, promote and lead different events. campus ministry is supported by the student leaders in our dominican preachers program.

dominican preachers

the regina dominican preachers are campus ministry leaders and are responsible for leading retreats, enhancing the spiritual experience of the regina dominican community, and growing the involvement of the school community in campus ministry activities. the regina dominican preachers receive leadership and faith formation experience, practical training, and spiritual formation so that they can preach with their lives and encourage others to do the same. all regina dominican freshman, sophomores, and juniors are invited in march to apply to become a dominican preacher for the following year. applicants should be leaders in faith who the regina dominican community can admire as role models, living veritas and the mission the school. members of the regina dominican preachers should be committed to spreading god’s love and be women dedicated to community, prayer, study and service, be a living example of veritas and god’s love, leading by example, upholding and defending the mission in and out of school. they should also possess a willing, humble, servant leadership spirit that puts the needs of others above her own. newly selected dominican preachers attend the dominican high schools preaching conference in june to receive valuable training and formation experience. learn more about dominican preachers and campus ministry on the campus ministry page.

debate club

the purpose of debate club is to engage students in discussions about controversial issues. knowing your personal point of view on a topic is important but understanding the other sides’ view is just as important and what is most often lacking in an intellectual conversation. debate club is open to all grades. understand that not everyone has a speaking role in each debate, but everyone does learn the sport of debating.

drama club

the drama club works with the international thespian society to allow students further participation in the regina dominican drama department and earn points towards membership into the international thespians society. we meet monthly, in conjunction with the international thespian society meetings. drama club helps facilitate the annual 24-hour play project.

erika’s lighthouse

regina dominican’s erika’s lighthouse teen club is a mental health and depression awareness club and mental health advocacy group that strives to increase awareness around teen depression and good mental health. the goal of an erika’s lighthouse teen club is to educate students about depression, help break the stigma associated with depression and develop a culture of good mental health in schools so that teens who suffer from depression can get the help they need. our erika’s lighthouse teen club typically meets bi-monthly and sponsors depression awareness activities that promote good mental health at regina dominican. the club educates the community about adolescent depression in a positive, honest, fact-based and inclusive manner.

french club

the purpose of the french club is to explore the culture and traditions of france and francophone countries. the club encourages the use of french through leisure activities such as games, cooking, music and dance (on campus). other activities include outings to plays, music and dance performances and authentic french restaurants.

freshmen leadership board

the freshmen class leadership board meets weekly to plan events, fundraisers and spirit wear for the freshmen class. the class elects its own officers and advisory representatives during the second quarter of the school year. this board functions as a student government for the freshman class.


glow is regina’s healthy living club and promotes the well-being and general health and harmony of teen girls. the club focuses on rational, sane and moderate advice on how to live well with an emphasis on both body and spirit. members encourage good nutrition and fitness while campaigning against extreme diets, perfectionism and making choices with negative consequences to one’s health.

greek club

the purpose of greek club is to give students an opportunity to learn more about the religion, culture, and language of greece. the club is open to all grade levels and meets every other tuesday.

green paws

green paws! is regina’s environmental club.  we have fun raising awareness about environmental issues, and participating in activities centered around member interests.  past activities have included recycling, local beach clean-up, organic gardening, hiking and viewing environmental documentaries.  green paws! also participates in regina’s annual earth rally.

grub club

this club is open to all students interest in culinary experiences – from grub to gourmet. monthly excursions will expose students to a variety of foods and restaurants in chicago and the surrounding areas where they will dine and “dish,” honing their skills as food critics and socializing with classmates.  students will cover the cost of their meals.

international club

the purpose of the international club is to provide an opportunity for students of all cultures to learn about one another’s heritage. through conversation, sharing, and a variety of fun and meaningful activities, we strive to create an inclusive school community.

international thespian society

this international honor organization recognizes the dedication and service of regina dominican students to theater. to qualify for an invitation to membership, interested students accumulate points by participating in the various aspects of theater production within the regina dominican drama department, as well as outside theater companies. members are expected to actively participate in all major productions and thespian events at regina dominican to maintain their status. we meet monthly, in conjunction with drama club. international thespian society sponsors various performance and improv events.

junior class leadership board

the junior class elects its own officers and advisory representatives, who are responsible for planning class activities throughout the year. the junior signature event is fall fling, a dance held for the entire school. among other tasks, the board also organizes class spirit wear, fundraises, and hosts a reception for the seniors after the exchange of officers assembly in the spring.


regina dominican’s creative writing and arts club is a place where originality, creativity and imagination and celebrated. here, students meet to collaborate and generate ideas for their poetry, prose, creative non-fiction and more. additionally, kaleidoscope works to encourage all regina students to submit their written or visual work to be featured online as part of crown, the student newspaper.

latin club

the purpose of the latin club is to explore the culture and traditions of the people whom we study and to encourage the use of latin.


in the first semester, the regina dominican mathletes team organizes and runs a mathematics competition for junior high students. in the second semester, the team competes in the illinois council of teachers of mathematics competition at the regional and state level. the purpose of mathletes is to promote interest and excellence in mathematics for young women.

mu alpha theta

mu alpha theta is the national high school mathematics honor society with over 88,000 student members each school year in more than 1,800 schools. we are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school.

national art honor society

this organization strives to recognize and develop the artistic talent of its members. it encourages them to use their talent in service to school and the larger community. qualifications for membership include art scholarship, service and character. juniors and seniors who have maintained an “a” average in at least three semesters of art are eligible for membership. students are formally asked to join through a letter indicating that they have met the requirements. following this, the students must complete an application process. the moderator reserves the right to decline membership based on application requirements. once admitted, students are required to attend all meetings and activities.

national english honor society

the national english honor society (nehs), founded and sponsored by sigma tau delta, is the only national organization exclusively for high school students and faculty who, in the field of english, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. membership in the national english honor society is an honor bestowed upon a student. upon meeting initial criteria, students are invited to submit a membership packet for consideration. to be eligible for membership into the regina dominican high school chapter of the national english honor society, a student must be an incoming junior or senior.

national honor society

the regina dominican high school chapter of the national honor society follows the by-laws and constitution set forth by the virginia-based national honor society organization. membership in the national honor society is an honor bestowed upon a student. upon meeting initial criteria determined by the faculty council, students are invited to submit a membership packet for consideration. to be eligible for membership into the regina dominican high school chapter of the national honor society, a student must be an incoming junior or senior. membership is based upon excellence in four areas: scholarship, leadership, service, and character

national latin honor society

this organization is one of the largest academic youth societies in the world, with more than 45,000 members in 1,200 chapters. established in 1936, the organization seeks to promote the study of greek and latin, to benefit students and teachers by supplementing the classroom experience, and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to classical antiquity. the national latin honor society is a special designation given to latin students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and citizenship in latin class. students must maintain an “a” average in latin and uphold good citizenship.

orchesis dance ensemble

orchesis is regina’s dance club. entirely student-choreographed, students get to create dances for each other and perform them at various events, including our show in the auditorium. all are welcome to join, no previous dance experience necessary

paddle tennis

paddle tennis, also known as platform tennis, is played in a small court with a rubber ball and a wooden or plastic paddle. the regina club meets during the colder months at westmoreland country club for six-week sessions, during which players practice, scrimmage, and drink hot chocolate.

panther tech club

the panther tech club empowers regina’s transformational teaching, learning, and community outreach through technology support. our mission is to provide responsive service, enabling infrastructure, effective administrative systems, and innovative solutions. membership is based on a student’s technical aptitude, academic standing, character, service, accountability, and leadership.

par-tea club

the par-tea club brings back the nostalgia of a hot cup of tea served with various cultural desserts. while sipping hot tea, munching on a delightful treat, club members watch a monthly themed movie ranging from classics such as holiday inn to harry potter.

peer leaders

the peer leadership program at regina dominican is designed to provide freshmen with a safe place to communicate with their peers about issues that are of importance to them. the junior peer leadership program prepares students to become senior leaders as they are trained in the following areas: increasing their competence as leaders of groups, learning how to work collaboratively in a group, becoming active listeners offering constructive feedback, examining issues faced by adolescents, learning to become more accepting of others and more respectful of differences, learning how to find solutions to problems that promote healthy development.

as senior leaders, students serve as role models in the areas of academic achievement, involvement and leadership. senior leaders assist freshmen on a weekly basis through small group discussions. they help students balance academic and social responsibilities by discussing transitional issues freshmen may encounter during their first year of high school.

photography club

photography club holds monthly, after school meetings, where students explore the art of photography.  students are provided the opportunity to practice different types of photography and photo editing. there are no prerequisites for membership except an interest in photography.


rdaa is an organization run by student-athletes. they facilitate the pep assemblies, garner support for athletic games, and provide up-to-date information for students and parents of the regina community.

reginites for life

reginites for life is a student group that seeks to increase awareness and understanding of issues facing our society that can lessen the dignity and value attributed to the human person from conception to natural death. meetings focus on education and community outreach and address a wide variety of topics. the club also attends the yearly march for life in washington, dc.

senior leadership board

the senior class leadership board is an elected body of student government that meets weekly to plan all events senior class related. the responsibilities include creating spirit wear, fundraising for prom, organizing a donor drive to collect prom dresses, and planning graduation and convocation.

 sociedad honoraria hispanica (shh)

this national honor society recognizes students whose achievement in the study of the spanish language and culture is outstanding. students who have maintained a grade point average of at least 4.6 in four semesters of spanish (or three semesters if starting in spanish ii) and have demonstrated involvement in and dedication to the spanish language and culture outside of class time are eligible to apply for membership. applicants must also demonstrate good character and citizenship within our community. members must maintain these standards to remain a member. additional membership information is available from the faculty moderator

société honoraire de français

société honoraire de français is a national honor society that recognizes students for high scholastic achievement in the study of the french language and fosters enthusiasm for understanding the francophone culture and civilization. students who have maintained a grade point average of 4.6 in at least four semesters of french and an overall average of at least 3.6. are eligible to apply for membership. additional information is available from faculty moderator.

sophomore leadership board

the sophomore class leadership board is a group of young sophomore women elected by their peers who plan school events, engage in fundraising activities, and communicate with their advisories about school-wide events. the events the sophomore class leadership board plan include six flags fright fest, the ring day reception breakfast for senior ring day, a fundraiser in march, and designing and distributing sophomore class spirit wear.

spanish club

the spanish club provides students with a recreational environment so they can share their passion for spanish and for spanish-speaking cultures outside the classroom.  students enjoy different activities and they participate in outings to restaurants, movies, and theatrical productions.  students also design and participate in fundraisers to benefit charities active in spanish-speaking countries.  meetings are held once a month.

student council

five student council officers, one historian and advisory representatives from each class provide leadership for the student body, promote communication between students and faculty, foster loyalty to the policies of regina dominican high school, teach comprehension of democratic ideals and promote school spirit. six committees (activities, communication, publicity, public relations, service, and spirit) work in collaboration to plan activities for the entire school community, including faculty celebrations, gnimocemoh, dad-daughter tailgate, spirit days, and variety show. regina dominican’s student council is a member of the national association of student councils and the illinois association of student councils (iasc).

tri-m (modern music masters) music honor society

chartered in 1958, the regina dominican high school chapter of tri-m exemplifies the long-standing school tradition of commitment to excellence in music education. to be eligible, a student must be currently enrolled in one of the regina dominican performing groups, maintain an a average in music and a b average overall. an audition is required to be considered for membership. in addition, a demonstration of excellence in the following areas is also a consideration: character, leadership, service and academics.

worldwide youth in science and engineering (wyse)

wyse is an academic competition, sponsored by the university of illinois. the regina dominican team competes in biology, chemistry, english, mathematics and physics. the team’s purpose is to encourage young women to continue their education in the sciences.