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What is the Leadership Institute?

Leadership can most simply be defined as enabling yourself and others to do good. The Leadership Institute is a resource center and hub that supports leadership development across the curriculum and through specific programming for girls to discover their voices, find their passions, and build leadership skills for success at RDHS and beyond. Unique to Regina Dominican, these programs are designed for all students to acquire, practice, and apply new leadership skills critical for the next generation of female leaders.

Everyone is a leader in a different way, and one size does not fit all. With the help of the Leadership Institute, the Regina student has multiple opportunities for leadership development and can dedicate herself to learning, experiencing, and exploring what it means to be an everyday leader.

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Assist all students in learning their strengths and building authentic Self-Confidence to enable them to fully utilize their talents and unique abilities.

Motivate students to be Joyful Learners, so that they face problems with a positive attitude by seeing possibilities, creating solutions and helping others.

Encourage students to become Global Citizens, so that they are aware and respect other cultures and races, and honor and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Teach students to be Compelling Communicators so that they are present and active in their daily lives, speaking with confidence and clarity, and writing with conviction.

The Importance of Leadership

“Our experience has led us to believe that much of leadership talent is hardwired in people before they reach their early or mid-20s. That means, as far as leadership is concerned, people are reasonably complete packages by the time they arrive at the corporate doorstep. Their ability to lead has already been shaped by a multiple of factors and experiences that took root early in their lives.” Harvard Business Review, 2002

A 2012 Girl Scout student study of eight-to-seventeen-year-olds found that one-third of the girls did not want to be leaders because they feared being disliked by their peers.

Leadership qualities that girls would very much like to have as adults include:

  • Standing up for their beliefs and values (84%)
  • Trying to change the world for the better (68%)
  • Bringing people together to get things done (64%)

Our ToGetHerThere study found that while most girls are positive that they want to lead, a startling 59 percent of them say that it is easier to be a follower than to stand out as leader,” says Connie Lindsey, National President, Girl Scouts of the USA. “And as our own research from Girl Scout Research Institute demonstrates, negative influences such as stress, fear of speaking in front of others, appearing bossy, and peer pressure may cause girls to simply disengage from assuming leadership roles. We need to change that, and ToGetHerThere is a bold step in the right direction

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Our Programs:

Leadership Scholars Program

Peer Leaders

Student Leadership Experiences


Young Leaders Programs

Meet Jennifer Herrington, Leadership Institute Director

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To contact Jennifer, email jherrington@rdpanthers.org or by phone at 847-256-7660 ext 259.

Upcoming Events

Diana Kapp, author of Girls Who Run the World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business

Monday, March 2 – 9:00 a.m.

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Leadership Advisory Council

The leadership advisory council is made up of notable and respected leaders in the community and within their field. The purpose of the council is to provide support and guidance to the further development of the Leadership Institute


Bridget Baumstark ’87

Jeanie Egmon

Ann Freeman

Sara Granack

Katie Lawler ’83

Sue Payne

Sarah O’Malley Thorrens ’82, parent alum 2010, RDHS board 2010-2016

Katy Wishnow