how to apply: application guidelines


the class of 2025 entrance exam will take place on saturday, december 5, 2020 at 8 am on campus though a virtual option will also be offered.

steps to take in becoming a member of the class of 2025:

step 1: pre-register for the class of 2025 entrance exam

pre-registration for the class of 2025 entrance exam will open on friday, november 13th!

students who test at regina dominican on december 5 will automatically qualify for merit-based scholarships and priority acceptance.

step 2: complete the class of 2025 application

all students applying to be a member of the class of 2025 must complete the class of 2025 application. this application can be completed via google form or pdf (class of 2025 application) and must be submitted prior to or on the day of testing.

step 3: submit your transcripts!

students should bring the following information to regina either before, or on testing day:

  1. a copy of their seventh-grade report card/or transcript (authorization for release of records.docx)
  2. a copy of their most recent aspire or other standardized test scores/results
  3. a copy of their eighth-grade first quarter report card

anyone requesting extended time should submit the accommodations request form and contact the director of student services pam cassidy at

day of entrance exam reminders:

  • enter through the student entrance.
  • students must bring two #2 pencils
  • a $25 testing fee is required by all students taking the entrance exam on 12/5. this can be cash, check made payable to regina dominican or can be paid online.
  • you cannot use a calculator during the mathematics section.

make-up entrance exam dates

if your daughter is unable to take the entrance exam on saturday, december 5, 2020, please see the below make-up exam dates:

wednesday, december 9, 2020 at 4:00 pm

saturday, december 12, 2020 at 9:00 am

letters of acceptance will be mailed within 2-3 weeks after students take the initial entrance exam on december 5. students receiving academic or leadership scholarships will be notified in their letter of acceptance.

hspt information

the hspt suggests the following to prepare for the exam:

1) listen to and read the directions for each section carefully.

2) pace yourself. each section has a time limit. the test administrators should announce when time is halfway through so you can determine if you are working at a pace that will allow you to finish.

3) answer every question. if you are unsure of an answer, take your best guess. there is no penalty for answering incorrectly.

4) check your work. if there is time left, go back and review your answers. additionally, check to make sure each item has only one response.


regina dominican scholarship awards and course selection preference

only students who test at regina dominican on the initial testing date — december 5 — are eligible to receive regina dominican merit scholarships. additionally, students testing on december 5 receive financial aid and course selection preference.

click here to learn more about tuition assistance and scholarships.

for more information, contact our enrollment team:

eleanor schmerler-rich ’09 -vice president of growth: or 847-256-7660 x272

elizabeth michalek- enrollment administrative assistant: or 847-256-7660 x223

pattie fuentes -director of special programs: or 847-256-7660 x223

catholic high school entrance exam faqs

the following is from the archdiocese of chicago about all catholic high school entrance exams.

q: when do catholic high schools give standardized tests for student acceptance and placement? a: all high schools in the archdiocese of chicago that administer an entrance exam will conduct initial testing on the first saturday in december. the entrance exam is used in conjunction with various student elementary records that parents provide to determine final acceptance. after students are accepted, some high schools may conduct further placement testing to determine the best course of study and appropriate academic levels for their students.

q: what entrance exam do the catholic high schools in the archdiocese of chicago use?
a: all catholic high schools that administer an entrance exam use the closed version of the high school placement test (hspt) by scholastic testing services, inc.

q: what if a student misses the entrance exam date?
a: if for some reason your child is not able to take the entrance exam on the designated day due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, all catholic high schools in the archdiocese of chicago will offer an alternate date. please check with the individual school for the date of the make-up. please note: in order to honor the reliability and validity of the original exam, a student who tested at an archdiocesan catholic high school is not eligible to take it again at another site as it would create an unfair advantage for some students to be allowed to take the entrance exam multiple times at several locations.  however, if a student/family is now considering enrollment at a different school (other than the one at which the student took the exam), they can have the exam scores transferred to the new school.

q: how can a student prepare for the high school entrance exam?
a: the best preparation for the catholic high school entrance exam is excellent academic preparation in elementary school. some students also may benefit from knowing general test-taking strategies and how to pace themselves while taking a standardized test. however, too much emphasis on the entrance exam or test preparation is likely to increase test anxiety and lower his/her test score. test preparation will not raise entrance exam scores beyond a student’s true or actual achievement level. test preparation should be limited to reducing anxiety and becoming familiar with taking a standardized test under timed conditions. be supportive and encourage your child to do his/her best. getting a good night’s rest and eating a healthy breakfast before the entrance exam is important as well.

q: can my child receive testing accommodations for the entrance exam?
a: for students needing extended time or other testing accommodations on the initial test date or a subsequent examination date, please contact  eleanor schmerler-rich ( or elizabeth michalek ( you will be asked to provide appropriate documentation of an iep/icep, 504 plan or psycho-educational testing in order for your child to qualify for any testing accommodations. each high school may determine which accommodations they are able to provide during the exam as well as set a timeline for the requests.

registration and course selection interview nights

registration packets for the fall school year will be mailed after acceptance letters are mailed out. registration and course selection interview nights will be held in february. at this time, a deposit will be required to secure course selections and placement.

for more information, please contact our enrollment team:

eleanor schmerler-rich ’09 -vice president of growth: or 847-256-7660 x272

elizabeth michalek- enrollment administrative assistant: or 847-256-7660 x223

pattie fuentes director of special programs: or 847-256-7660 x223

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